Very Finely Detailed Pair Of " Medici " Vases In Bronze Dimensions : Height: 31.5 Cm Diameter: 22.5 Cm Decorative Vases In Very Good Condition.

Pair of Restoration Style Gilt Bronze 6-light sconces. They are in very good condition with the following dimensions: Height : 23 cm Width : 29 cm Depth : 35 cm Nice pair of sconces from the 19th century.

Beautiful 19th century bronze mantelpiece. Very finely detailed garniture in Louis XVI style and depicting Mythological female figures. Key and balance present. Dimensions : Mantelpiece : Height : 42 cm Width : 24 cm Depth : 18 cm Candlesticks : Height

Decorative giltwood eagle table with faux marble top early 20th century. Special side table in good condition with some damage (some pieces of claw missing). Dimensions: Height: 56 cm Width : 88 cm Depth : 58 cm Nice table from around 1900-1920

Painting "17th century landscape with nobles, coach and horses" late 19th century. Height : 58,5 / 71 cm Width: 81 / 93,5 cm Depth : 7,5 cm Very nice 17th century style painting dating from around 1900

Painting "17th century landscape with nobles, coach and horses" late 19th century. Height : 58,5 / 71 cm Width: 81 / 93,5 cm Depth : 7,5 cm Very nice 17th century style painting dating from around 1900

Cartel in bronze Louis XVI style 19th century. Decorative cartel in good condition from about 1860-1880 Measurements : Height : 68 cm Width : 31 cm Depth : 14 cm

Pair of cassolettes / candlesticks " putti with ornamental vases " in gilt bronze / enamel 19th century. Very finely detailed items in good condition , 1 medallion at the back of émaille is not original ( see photo ) Decorative candlesticks from around 18

WISKEMANN" Silver-Plated Cutlery Box For 12 Persons /192 Pieces. Beautiful Model Cutlery And Very Extensive With A Total Of 192 Pieces In Its Original Case Of Wood And Skai Wiskemann Brussels 20th Century In Good Condition

Pair of gilded/silvered wooden angels 18th Century. Very decorative sculptures in very good condition. Dimensions : Height : 50 and 54 cm Width: 31 and 33 cm Depth: 14 and 15 cm Around 1790

Beautiful Baroque Altar / Console in gilt and sculpted wood 17th century. Decorative object extremely suitable as a wall console. Decorated with baroque decorations , angel's head and floral vines. Beautiful object with its original gilding with following

Table Lamp " Tiffany Style " In Gloisonné /Bronze And Glass Early 20thC. Lamp In Very Good And Working Condition. Decorative Lamp With Following Dimensions : Height : 51 Cm Cap Diameter : 36 Cm Diameter Foot : 18.5 Cm

Large Gilded Wood Center Table / Quéridon With Marble Top (Breche D'Alep) In The Louis XVI Style From The Napoleon III Period. Nice Model All Carved Wood In Good Condition, No Original Gilding. Dimensions : Diameter : 119 Cm Height : 75 Cm

Beautiful 4-door cabinet in walnut , Holland 18th century. Decorative furniture resting on claw feet Dimensions : Height : 242 cm Width : 125 cm Depth : 54 cm Furniture exists out of 2 parts In good condition but needs some restoration ( veneer ) Dutch

Black Forest Bear Bank 20thC. Bench Consists Of 3 Parts , 2 Large Bears And The Seating Area. Very Well Sculpted Bears With Glass Eyes.

Large Italian Renaissance-Style Table In Walnut 19th Century. Decorative Table In Good Condition. Dimensions : Length : 232 Cm Height : 83 Cm Depth : 99 Cm

Very decorative metal armour with beautiful engravings and a large sword on a wooden base. The armour shows the usual signs of use and dates from around 1880-1900. Dimensions: Overall height: 195 cm Width: 75 cm Depth: 47 cm Wooden base: 45 x 45 cm

A pair of sculptures " seahorses " in bronze 20th century.( 79 cm ) Very decorative bronze sculptures in Art Deco style that can also be used as a fountain. Both are in very good condition with following dimensions : Height : 78 and 79 cm Width : 44 and

Pair of large gilt bronze wall lamps "Return from Egypt" 19th century. Wall lights decorated with 5 lights ( used to be for 6 candles ) in the shape of tree branches draped with leaves and at the bottom a winged Egyptian pharaoh. Dimensions: Height : 63

Large Sculpture Of A Nobleman In Bleached Oak From The Beginning Of The 20th Century ( 119 Cm ). Very Decorative Sculpture From Around 1900-1920 Height : 119 Cm In Very Good Condition

Beautiful bronze " sphinxes " chandelier in Empire style 19th century. Bronze frame decorated with girlandes , ornaments , a bronze ornamental vase , 2 beautiful sphinxes and at the bottom a large coupe in alabaster. The chandelier has 10 lights on the ou

Nice rosewood marquetry chest of drawers in the Louis XVI style 1900 The chest has curved sides, beautiful bronze ornaments and 3 large drawers. The marble is magnificent, 3 cm thick but unfortunately restored! The key is present. Dimensions : Width: 135

Blue porcelain cachepot with bronze leaves, Neo Renaissance style 19th Height 37 cm. Cachepot is in good condition and from around 1880

Nice bronze sculpture "3 Graces" 19th century. The sculpture is in good condition and signed. Dimensions : Height : 43 cm Foot : 18 x 18 cm

Rare Piece Of Furniture ART DECO In Macassar Ebony. High Quality Secretary In Very Good Condition With The Following Dimensions : Height : 204 Cm Width: 95 Cm Depth: 29.5 / 51.5 Cm Keys Are Provided. ART DECO Circa 1910-1925

Large Portuguese centre table with 6 legs 18th century. Very decorative table with a beautiful patina on 6 legs with 3 drawers and a finish on all sides and decorated with bronze ornaments underneath.

Console Louis XV In Gilded Wood Style 19th Century. On Top Of A White Marble Top ( Small Damage, See Photo ) Dimensions : Height : 88 Cm Width : 80 Cm Depth : 40 Cm Thickness Marble : 3 Cm

Large double sculpture " Excelsior " in bronze by J.B. Germain 19th century. Beautiful decorative sculpture depicting a young woman " La pensee " with angel " Excelsior " Dimensions : Height : 85 cm Width : 29 cm Diameter base : 26 cm Jean-Baptiste Germa

Large pendulum clock portique " 4 columns " in gilt and patinated bronze 19th century. Decorative large pendulum clock in gilt and patinated bronze with 4 Corinthian columns and gilt bronze ornaments , pendulum and dial. Dimensions : Height : 58 cm Width

Very large clock set in gilded and patinated bronze 19th century. Quality garniture depicting a young woman with an angel, flowers and birds. Candlesticks with young children, birds and flowers with 11 candleholders on top.

Pair of beautiful 19thc entury wooden pedestal sculptures. Very decorative female figures, finely carved in white with golden accents, resting on magnificent pedestals.

Painting winter landscape " on the ice " oil on panel 19th century. Decorative painting , signed but illegible , in its original gilt frame. Panel in good condition , frame has some flaws. Dimensions : Height : 30,5 / 55 cm Width : 47 / 71 cm Nice paintin

Pair of richly carved walnut entrance benches 19thC. Very decorative entrance benches with beautiful decorations in the Renaissance style. The benches are in good condition, but worn. Dimensions: Height: 132,5 cm Width : 130 cm Depth: 52 cm Renaissance

Couple wall appliques for candles in silver-plated bronze 19thC. Decorative wall appliques in Renaissance style. Both are in good condition with following dimensions : Height : 40 cm Width : 25 cm Depth : 12 cm

Large bronze and crystal "pearl bag" chandelier, late 19th century. Decorative chandelier with numerous crystal beads and bronze decorations. Measures: Height: 120 / 145 with chain Width: 55 cm In good condition (some strips of beads loose), dating from a

Quality Chest Of Drawers Model By Jean Henri Riesener Paris, 20th Century. Chest Of Drawers With 3 Drawers, 2 Doors, Oak Veneered With Amaranth, Sycamore, Maple Burr, Satinwood, Holly, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Maple, Barberry, Fereol Wood, Chased And Gilded

Beautiful large sculpture of an angel with bird "Candore " in Carrara marble , Florence 19th century ( 78 cm ). Magnificent sculpture signed by Pio Fedi in Florence ( 1816-1892 ). The sculpture is very finely detailed , stands on a coloured marble base an

Large column in marble 19th century ( 131 cm ). Very solid quality column in coloured marble Dimensions : Height : 131 cm Plateau : 36 x 36 cm Foot : 32 x 32 cm Beautiful column in very good condition from the 19th century.

Decorative painting " landscape " oil on canvas early 19th century. Representing a landscape with a ruin on rock , river , trees and resting animals. Scottish painting from the early 19th century , oil on canvas with its original gilt frame Canvas in goo

Beautiful large ART DECO sculpture " Satyr and Bacchante " in composite stone 20th century. Sculpture is dated , numbered and signed at the bottom : Callie ( Bernard Callie 1880-1954 ) number 8/25 , 1934 Special decorative sculpture from the ART DECO peri

A large , decorative wood carved eagle 20th century Very finely carved Black forest eagle in oak in good condition with an old restoration to one wing. Dimensions : Height : 71 cm Width : 102 cm Beautiful wooden sculpture from around 1920

Romantic sculpture " Power of love " cupid with lion in biscuit porcelain end 19ème Measurements : Width: 36 cm Height: 35 cm Depth: 21 cm Decorative biscuit porcelain sculpture in good condition from about 1900.

Large Romantic sculpture " young lady with flowers " in bronze 19thC. Beautiful bronze signed by Henri Plé depicting a young lady standing at a table with flowers. Statue has a very nice patina , consists of 2 parts and is in very good condition. Henri Ho

Special Scottish furniture in Renaissance style 19th century. Decorative oak cabinet with 2 doors, all kinds of carvings, medallions and decorations. Scottish cabinet circa 1800-1820 in good condition with normal signs of use.

Special large outdoor lamp / lantern in wrought iron and curved glass 1930 ( 126 cm ) Very decorative lantern with curved glass in a wrought iron frame. Lantern needs a small restoration to an iron edge at the top , the glass is in very good condition. Di

Large table style Renaissance in walnut 19th century. Very decorative table with large sculpted winged angels , lion heads and on the lower travers 2 seated putti with a flower basket. The table is in good condition

A large gilt bronze LXVI style mantelpiece Paris, 19th century. The clock and the candelabras are gilded with matt and bright gold. Clock signed by G.Philippe, Palais Royal 66 & 67 in Paris. Dimensions clock: 68 cm high, 42 cm wide and 24 cm deep. Candles

Large decorative oil painting on canvas in a gilt frame, early 18th century. Oil painting on canvas, re-glued, in good condition, unsigned. Depiction of figures and buildings The canvas needs a small touch up and has a small round hole in the canvas

Beautiful 3-part bureau ensemble Louis XVI style, early 20th century. Large 4-door bookcase, beautiful large desk with original desk chair. Dimensions desk : 180 x 80 x 100 cm

A Ceramic Statue Of An Elephant , Mounted On A Gilded Bronze Base. Decorative Sculpture Signed Below The Base L. Rocher , 20thC. Dimensions : Height : 30 Cm Wide : 35 Cm Depth : 15 Cm In Very Good Condition

Very large wood carved flower box 19th century ( 166 cm ). Very decorative jardinière in Louis XVI style with an inner tray of zinc. Dimensions : Width: 166 cm Height: 64 cm Depth: 54 cm In good condition from about 1860-1880

Large Sculpture "Male Caryatid" In Walnut 19th Century. Decorative 19th Century Sculpture With Nice Details In Good Condition, Only One Big Toe Is Missing. Dimensions: Height: 81,5 Cm Width: 31 Cm Depth: 27 Cm

Pair of large decorative lamps " Return of Egypt " in metal and bronze 20th century. Very atmospheric lamp bases in metal painted in imitation porphyry decorated with bronze ornaments in Egyptian style.

Nice center table / desk table in oriental wood , Burma 19thC. Very decorative table finely carved with birds , monkey heads , flowers and leaves. In good condition from about 1860-1870 Dimensions : Width : 104 cm Height : 76 cm Depth : 60 cm

Very decorative, finely detailed center coupe depicting 3 figures, a putti, an angel and an elf wearing a coupe with medallion and standing on a black marble base. Napoleon III period 1860-1880 in good condition. Dimensions : Height : 38 cm Diameter coupe

A very large Napoleon III period vase in Sevres porcelain decorated with a gallant scene on one side and a landscape on the other side, gilded with gold, floral motif and oven blue background. Chased bronze and gilt bronze mount.

Beautiful Harp Chair In The Shape Of A Shell 19th Century. Seat Is Adjustable In Height By Turning System And Resting On 3 Legs. Decorative Chair In Walnut In Very Good Condition. Dimensions : Height : 55.5 Cm Width : 44 Cm Depth : 48 Cm

Decorative painting " in the tavern " oil on canvas 19thC. Nice cheerful painting in good condition in a later frame. Dimensions : 90 x 72 cm

Large Baroque cabinet in walnut 19thC. Special piece of furniture with many beautiful sculptures. The cabinet has a large flap and a large drawer at the bottom, the large key is present. Dimensions: : Height: 212 cm Width : 218 cm Depth: 72 cm Very specia

Very large bronze with brown patina on a rotating base representing a nymph of Diana. Signed by Lucie Signoret-Ledieu ( 1853-1904 ). Salon 1891 Elegant large bronze sculpture in very good condition Dimensions : Height : 86 cm Width : 36 cm Diameter of the

Large Cararra marble sculpture " lady with anchor " 19thC (110 cm ) Very decorative sculpture with fine details in good condition with some small damages (fingers, eye of anchor). Sculpture is early 19th century with following dimensions : Height: 110 cm

Renaissance style centre table/desk in walnut from the 19th century. Finely carved table with inlaid parquet top. In very good condition and from about 1860-1880 Napoleon III Dimensions: Width : 151 cm Height : 79 cm Depth : 79,5 cm

Large Italian mirror in gilded carved wood 19th century (224 cm) Very decorative mirror with beautiful wood decorations Dimensions: Height : 224 cm Width : 138 cm Depth : 16 cm Quality mirror in good condition

Large terracotta "Medici" garden vase, Douarche mark, Castelnaudary, France, 19th century. Very decorative vase made in 4 pieces In good condition with traces of wear Dimensions: Height : 83 cm Diameter : 78 cm Nice vase from around 1900

Romantic Painting " Noble In A Castle Garden " Oil On Canvas 19th Century. Decorative Painting Of A Group Of Noble Figures Sitting, Walking And Playing Music In A Beautiful Garden Of A Castle, Paris Late 19th Century. Painting Is Signed And Dated Chantrel

A pair of porcelain/bronze vases around 1900. Sizes : 51 X 19 cm

Pair Of Large Cassolettes In Onyx / Bronze 19ème. Decorative Vases In Very Good Condition Height : 53 Cm

Pair Of Large Lions In Carved Wood, Painted, 20th Century ( 114 X 87 Cm ) The Lions Have Some Defects But Are In Good Condition. Very Decorative Sculptures From Around 1920-1940 With Large Dimensions: Height: 85,5 Cm And 87 Cm Width: 113 Cm And 114 Cm

Large Spanish 6-legged walnut table 17th century Nice solid table with 6 legs, 2 connecting irons and a thick walnut top with a beautiful patina. Dimensions : Width : 266 cm Height : 76 cm Depth : 73 cm Thickness top : 4 cm Exceptional Spanish table

Pair Of Bronze Castle Chenets Early 19th Century. Very High Quality Bronze With Beautiful Decorations. Chenets Are Signed Seghers Castelle 783 Iron Supports Missing Height : 52 Cm

Large Vase " Medici " In Bronze 1920 ( 45 Cm ) Decorative Vase In Heavy Bronze From About 1920 Dimensions : Height : 45 Cm Diameter : 40 Cm In Very Good Condition , Early 20th Century

Italian Renaissance walnut chest from the 17th century. Decorative chest with beautiful decorations dating from around 1700. The chest is in good condition, used. The bronze handles on the sides are missing. Dimensions: Length: 168 cm Height : 48 cm Dcme

Nice Bust Of A Young Woman In Alabaster From The 19th Century. Sculpture Made In 2 Colours Of Alabaster And Resting On A Coloured Marble Base, Signed Nelson On The Back. Size : Height : 63 Cm Width : 36 Cm Diameter Of The Pedestal: 18 Cm In Good Condition

Pair of large gilt bronze candelabra 19th century. Decorated with "putti / fish", 6 bourgeois. 2 golden colours (matt and shiny). Napoleon III Dimensions : Height : 74 cm Width: 39 cm

Italian Painting "Madonna With Child, 14 Angels" 19th Century. Oil On Canvas In A Beautiful Gilded Frame, Not Signed. Representation Of A Madonna With Child And 14 Angel Heads. Very Decorative Painting In Good Condition, With Minor Restorations.

Wood sculpture Art deco" Mother with outstretched hand to child ". Signed by A.Potteau ( 1909-1953 ) Nice sculpture with following dimensions : Length: 84 cm Depth: 22 cm Height: 32 cm In very good condition from about 1935.

Beautiful baptismal font / jardinière in Verona marble 18th century. Decorative object in Sienna marble with a beautiful design. The baptismal font consists of 2 parts

Painting " windmill " oil on canvas 19th century Signed by Auguste Breugelmans , Belgian 1869-1918. Beautiful painting in a beautiful gilded frame. Measurements : Height: 46 / 77 cm Width : 35 / 67 cm Depth : 10 cm In good condition late 19thC.

Exceptional Pair Of Large Candlesticks Italian Renaissance. Candlesticks Consist Of 3 Parts And Are Decorated With Baroque Ornaments, Angel Heads And Patinated. Dimensions : Height : 172 Cm Base : 68 X 67 Cm Diameter Upper Ring : 40 / 41 Cm

Large 19th Century Greek/Roman Bronze Vase. Vase / Decorative Ornament Of Very Good Quality And In Very Good Condition. Dimensions : Height : 57 Cm Width: 38 Cm Depth: 24 Cm

Large Sculpture "Angel" In Carrara Marble 19th Century. Angel Holds A Torch Of Light With 6 Lights Decorative Sculpture With Minor Flaws. Dimensions: Height : 96 / 143 Cm Width : 31 Cm Depth : 26 Cm Foot : 23 X 23 Cm Carrara Marble , 19th Century

Decorative Bronze Statue 19thC. Sculpture Double With Egyptian Representation Standing On A Black Marble / Bronze Base. Not Signed Dimensions : Height: 51 Cm Width: 40 Cm Depth: 26 Cm

Special "boat" bench with brown skai seat from the 20th century. Very decorative bench made from a real boat In very good condition with a width of 225 cm

Decorative, Large Sculpture "Caryatid" 19th Century In Oak ( 198 Cm ). Special Sculpture With Following Dimensions: Height : 198 Cm Width : 46 Cm Depth : 42 Cm In Good Condition, Small Piece Of Arch Glued And In Front Some Cracks In The Wood

Pair of wall lights / candle holders in silver-plated metal 19thC. Decorative wall lights in Renaissance style with 2 candles. Dimensions : Height : 54 cm Width : 34 cm Depth : 14 cm In good condition

Large decorative ornament / lamp stand in polychrome wood 18th century. Fitted with 6 light fittings in wrought iron. Dimensions : Height : 158 cm Width : 54 cm Jolie lamp from the 18th century

Gilt Wooden Centre Table Style Regence 19th Century. Nice Centre Table With Fine Wood Carved Ornaments And A Wooden Top In Painted Marble And Standing On Claw Feet. Decorative Table From The 19th Century With Following Dimensions : Width : 154 Cm

Nice hall bench in renaissance style, sculpted oak 19th century. Decorative hall bench in good condition, very solid just missing a small piece of a leg at the bottom. Measurements : Width : 144 cm Height : 110 cm Depth : 48 cm

Pair of large columns with corinthian capitals in plaster, early 20th century. Decorative columns painted in red imitation marble with gilded capitals. Both in good condition, minor damage to one capital. Feet are made of polyester

Clock " Retour d'Egypt " in bronze / marble 19th century. Signed by T.Doriot Dimensions : Height : 58 cm Width : 39 cm Depth : 16 cm In good condition, the back glass is broken

A 17th century Renaissance cabinet in ebony.Furniture is partly 17th century and later. 1 door cabinet , 2 twisted corinthian columns with bronze capitals and on top a black marble. Dimensions : Height : 111 cm Width : 102 cm Depth : 42 cm

Flemish Baroque sculpture in lime wood 18th century Decorative sculpture in good condition ( missing a piece, toes of a foot ). Dimensions : Height : 101 cm Width: 59 cm Depth : 39 cm

Nice central wooden table with ram heads / claw feet and inlaid marble top. Round table top inlaid with precious stones, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, various types of marble, ...20th century. Height : 68 cm Diameter : 60 cm Thickness of the table top : 2 cm I

Very decorative Burmese hotel sofa from the 19th century. Beautiful carved wooden bench with a special rounded shape at 6 corners with red velvet upholstery ( in used condition ). Dimensions : Diameter from the widest point to the bottom : 180 cm Height:

Rare 19th century silver plated bronze "eagle" bottle holder. Decorative and beautifully detailed bottle holder in the shape of an eagle. Dimensions: Length: 28 cm Height : 15 cm Depth: 10,5 cm Perfect for a bottle of champagne!

Exceptional recliner in root wood 20th Decorative large recliner in very good condition with following dimensions : Length: 162 cm Height: 85 cm Depth: 94 cm Beautiful object in both modern and antique interior