Nice bronze sculpture "La Pensée" by E.Picault 19th century Detailed bronze statue of a man with an eagle, supplied with the foundry stamp and signature. Dimensions: Height : 62 cm Width : 42 cm Depth : 29 cm Emile Picault , Paris 1833-1915 In very good

Bronze Bust Of The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius 19th Century. The Sculpture Is Marked "Societes Des Bronzes" And "Reduction Sauvage". Finely Detailed Bust In Very Good Condition. Dimensions: Height : 48 Cm Width : 23 Cm Depth : 20 Cm

Large decorative mythological sculpture in bronze 20th century. Attractive sculpture with a nice patina Dimensions : Width : 117 cm Height : 109 cm Depth : 46 cm Decorative bronze sculpture that can be placed inside or outside.

Large double sculpture " Excelsior " in bronze by J.B. Germain 19th century. Beautiful decorative sculpture depicting a young woman " La pensee " with angel " Excelsior " Dimensions : Height : 85 cm Width : 29 cm Diameter base : 26 cm

Beautiful Oriental bronze statue "The heat of battle " 19th century. Highly detailed bronze depicting an Arab on horseback and reclining soldier being attacked by a lion and tiger In very good condition , unsigned but bearing number. Dimensions : Width :

Nice bronze sculpture "3 Graces" 19th century. The sculpture is in good condition and signed. Dimensions : Height : 43 cm Foot : 18 x 18 cm

Large Romantic sculpture " young lady with flowers " in bronze 19thC. Beautiful bronze signed by Henri Plé depicting a young lady standing at a table with flowers. Statue has a very nice patina , consists of 2 parts and is in very good condition. Henri Ho

Decorative Bronze Statue 19thC. Sculpture Double With Egyptian Representation Standing On A Black Marble / Bronze Base. Not Signed Dimensions : Height: 51 Cm Width: 40 Cm Depth: 26 Cm

Large bronze sculpture " tiger with prey " 1920 Signed and dated Antoine Amorgasti 1920 ( Pisa 1880- Antwerp 1942 ). Large decorative bronze sculpture with fine details and a beautiful patina standing on a marble base. Dimensions : Width : 68 cm Height :

Sculpture 'Noble with feather hat' in bronze , 19th Century. Very elegant representation and finely detailed bronze statue with a beautiful patina. The upper part of the sabre is missing. Height: 66 cm époque Napoleon III

Jacques WILLAUMEZ, XXth century, " Donkey skin ", bronze with green patina, signed on the back terrace, founder's stamp and justified 3/7, vert de gris , 80 x 77 cm.

Large bronze statue " musician man " 19th century. Depicting a man with a musical instrument and a draped lion skin around him. Signed by Rousseau 19th century. Dimensions : Height : 83 cm Diameter foot : 19 cm In good condition

Elegant bronze statue " lady with mandolin " 19th century. Signed by Bouret ( Paris 1833-1906 ). Standing on a thick red marble base. Dimensions including pedestal : Height : 58 cm Width : 26 cm In very good condition.

Renaissance Style Bust In Bronze, French 19th Century. Dimensions : 45 cm high and 25 cm wide.

A small 19thC.bronze sculpture

Large Japanese bronze "musician" 19thC. Sculpture is signed and very finely detailed. Height: 61 cm Width: 40 cm

Small gilt bronze rooster on marble base. Dimensions with base: Height: 22 cm Width: 18 cm Depth: 10 cm. About 1900

A small Japanese bronze sculpture.End 19thC. Size : 0.31 m high