Pair of gilded/silvered wooden angels 18th Century. Very decorative sculptures in very good condition. Dimensions : Height : 50 and 54 cm Width: 31 and 33 cm Depth: 14 and 15 cm Around 1790

Large Sculpture Of A Nobleman In Bleached Oak From The Beginning Of The 20th Century ( 119 Cm ). Very Decorative Sculpture From Around 1900-1920 Height : 119 Cm In Very Good Condition

Pair of beautiful 19thc entury wooden pedestal sculptures. Very decorative female figures, finely carved in white with golden accents, resting on magnificent pedestals.

Beautiful large sculpture of an angel with bird "Candore " in Carrara marble , Florence 19th century ( 78 cm ). Magnificent sculpture signed by Pio Fedi in Florence ( 1816-1892 ). The sculpture is very finely detailed , stands on a coloured marble base an

Beautiful large ART DECO sculpture " Satyr and Bacchante " in composite stone 20th century. Sculpture is dated , numbered and signed at the bottom : Callie ( Bernard Callie 1880-1954 ) number 8/25 , 1934 Special decorative sculpture from the ART DECO peri

A large , decorative wood carved eagle 20th century Very finely carved Black forest eagle in oak in good condition with an old restoration to one wing. Dimensions : Height : 71 cm Width : 102 cm Beautiful wooden sculpture from around 1920

Large Sculpture "Male Caryatid" In Walnut 19th Century. Decorative 19th Century Sculpture With Nice Details In Good Condition, Only One Big Toe Is Missing. Dimensions: Height: 81,5 Cm Width: 31 Cm Depth: 27 Cm

Very large bronze with brown patina on a rotating base representing a nymph of Diana. Signed by Lucie Signoret-Ledieu ( 1853-1904 ). Salon 1891 Elegant large bronze sculpture in very good condition Dimensions : Height : 86 cm Width : 36 cm Diameter of the

Large Cararra marble sculpture " lady with anchor " 19thC (110 cm ) Very decorative sculpture with fine details in good condition with some small damages (fingers, eye of anchor). Sculpture is early 19th century with following dimensions : Height: 110 cm

Pair Of Large Lions In Carved Wood, Painted, 20th Century ( 114 X 87 Cm ) The Lions Have Some Defects But Are In Good Condition. Very Decorative Sculptures From Around 1920-1940 With Large Dimensions: Height: 85,5 Cm And 87 Cm Width: 113 Cm And 114 Cm

Nice Bust Of A Young Woman In Alabaster From The 19th Century. Sculpture Made In 2 Colours Of Alabaster And Resting On A Coloured Marble Base, Signed Nelson On The Back. Size : Height : 63 Cm Width : 36 Cm Diameter Of The Pedestal: 18 Cm In Good Condition

Wood sculpture Art deco" Mother with outstretched hand to child ". Signed by A.Potteau ( 1909-1953 ) Nice sculpture with following dimensions : Length: 84 cm Depth: 22 cm Height: 32 cm In very good condition from about 1935.

Large Sculpture "Angel" In Carrara Marble 19th Century. Angel Holds A Torch Of Light With 6 Lights Decorative Sculpture With Minor Flaws. Dimensions: Height : 96 / 143 Cm Width : 31 Cm Depth : 26 Cm Foot : 23 X 23 Cm Carrara Marble , 19th Century

Decorative, Large Sculpture "Caryatid" 19th Century In Oak ( 198 Cm ). Special Sculpture With Following Dimensions: Height : 198 Cm Width : 46 Cm Depth : 42 Cm In Good Condition, Small Piece Of Arch Glued And In Front Some Cracks In The Wood

Flemish Baroque sculpture in lime wood 18th century Decorative sculpture in good condition ( missing a piece, toes of a foot ). Dimensions : Height : 101 cm Width: 59 cm Depth : 39 cm

Large wooden elephant of carrousel circa1920. Decorative sculpture of a painted wooden elephant with following dimensions : Width: 148 cm Height: 89 cm Depth: 34 cm Large decorative sculpture in good condition.

Pair of large angels in carved wood 19th century. Decorative sculptures with the following dimensions: Height: 68 / 73 cm Width : 66 / 68 cm Depth : 25 / 27 cm These angels are in good condition and date from about 1880-1920.

Wooden putti on twisted column 19th century. Decorative sculpture standing on a twisted wooden column with Corinthian capital and decorated with grapevines. Total height: 225 cm Height column: 155 cm Height sculpture: 70 cm

Terracotta bust "Paysanne Coquette" on a marble base, 19th century. Decorative sculpture signed by Marcel de Foret. Standing on a black marble base Height of the bust : 66 cm Width : 46 cm Marble base: 60 cm high, slide: 25 cm Total height of the bust + b

Large Wooden Eagle On Pedestal At The End Of The 18thC. Polychrome And Gilding Original Dimensions : Total Height: 1.68 M Width: 0.80 M In Good Condition

Large sculpture in terra cotta Sculpture " crying child with chicken and chick " in terra cotta signed by Henry Weisse à Paris. Late 19th and early 20th century. Also marked at the bottom. Height : 69 cm Width : 42 cm

Decorative pedestal in Carved Wood 19thC..Missing a little piece on top. Dimensions: Height: 1.14 m Width: 0.31 m Depth: 0.31 m

A Sculpture in terracotta "One unfortunate Accident" late 19th early 20th. Sculpture is signed? see photos. Height: 0.68 m and width: 0.26 m

Sculpture d'ART

A nice Antique carved stone head standing on a metal base.Size head : 0.35 m high and 0.24 m wide.Total high : 0.55 m