Beautiful 19th century bronze mantelpiece. Very finely detailed garniture in Louis XVI style and depicting Mythological female figures. Key and balance present. Dimensions : Mantelpiece : Height : 42 cm Width : 24 cm Depth : 18 cm Candlesticks : Height

Cartel in bronze Louis XVI style 19th century. Decorative cartel in good condition from about 1860-1880 Measurements : Height : 68 cm Width : 31 cm Depth : 14 cm

Large pendulum clock portique " 4 columns " in gilt and patinated bronze 19th century. Decorative large pendulum clock in gilt and patinated bronze with 4 Corinthian columns and gilt bronze ornaments , pendulum and dial. Dimensions : Height : 58 cm Width

Very large clock set in gilded and patinated bronze 19th century. Quality garniture depicting a young woman with an angel, flowers and birds. Candlesticks with young children, birds and flowers with 11 candleholders on top.

A large gilt bronze LXVI style mantelpiece Paris, 19th century. The clock and the candelabras are gilded with matt and bright gold. Clock signed by G.Philippe, Palais Royal 66 & 67 in Paris. Dimensions clock: 68 cm high, 42 cm wide and 24 cm deep. Candles

Clock " Retour d'Egypt " in bronze / marble 19th century. Signed by T.Doriot Dimensions : Height : 58 cm Width : 39 cm Depth : 16 cm In good condition, the back glass is broken

A Large And Decorative Gilt Wooden Cartel Clock. Sweden, 19th Century.In Good Working Condition. Sizes : 0.86 M High, 0.60 M Wide

A big size bronze pendulum with a large timepiece, Paris 19thC. Sizes : 68 cm high , 40 cm wide and depth : 18 cm

A Large Cartel Louis XV 19thC. Turtle With Gilt Bronze Ornaments. Dimensions Height: 0.77 M Width: 0.42 M Depth: 0.19,5 M

Pendulum gilt bronze and chiselled period Empire 1820-1830 in good condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.51 Depth: 0.14

A Large Boulle Cartel Clock Sigend By Martinol À Paris. Dimensions : 0.94 M High