A Pair Of Large Empire Style Bronze Candelabras ( 74 CM ) Combination Of Patinated And Gilt Bronze On A Marble Base, 19th Century Both Are In Very Good Condition And Can Hold 6 Candles. Dimensions : Height : 74 Cm Width At The Top : 28 Cm Base: 20 X 20 Cm

Pair of 19th century bronze andirons, decorated with large vases, lion heads and garlands. In very good condition and heavy quality. Dimensions : Height : 46 cm Width: 37 cm Depth: 14 cm Decorative objects

A 19th century Asian bronze bowl. Resting on 3 elephant legs and nicely finished with oriental decorations on the rim of the bowl. Dimensions: Height: 29 cm Diameter : 39 cm In very good condition

Large 19th Century Greek/Roman Bronze Vase. Vase / Decorative Ornament Of Very Good Quality And In Very Good Condition. Dimensions : Height : 57 Cm Width: 38 Cm Depth: 24 Cm

Large decorative wooden rocking horse 19th century. Special model in good stable condition with following dimensions Length: 191 cm Width: 53 cm Height: 99 cm (seating height: 69 cm) Antique rocking horse from Sweden, circa 1860-1870.

Pair of ornamental vases in oak Louis XVI style 19th century. Decorative vases in very good condition Measurements : Height : 37 and 38cm Width : 22,5 cm Foot : 12 x 12.5 cm

Pair of bronze Castle chenets early 19th Century. Very high quality bronze with beautiful decorations. Chenets are signed Seghers Castelle 783 Iron supports missing Height : 52 cm

Large pot holder and its column in grès 19th Century . Column decorated with 3 large " renaissance fish ". The cache pot is decorated with fish and heads The ensemble is in very good condition , end 19th century.

Large Inkstand In Green Marble And Gilt Bronze 19th Century. Heavy Decorative Inkwell In Empire Style From About 1860-1880. The Inkwell Is Fully Polished And In Very Good Condition. Measurements : Width : 46 Cm Height: 21 Cm Depth : 27 Cm

Pair of large vases in blue faience 19th century. Nice fine decoration of flowers and gilded accents standing on a bronze base with 4 elephant heads. Decorative vases in very good condition. Height : 56 cm

Pair of large angels in carved wood 19th century. Decorative sculptures with the following dimensions: Height: 68 / 73 cm Width : 66 / 68 cm Depth : 25 / 27 cm These angels are in good condition and date from about 1880-1920.

Large sculpture "angel" in carrara marble 19th century. Angel holds a torch of light with 6 lights Decorative sculpture with minor flaws. Dimensions: Height : 96 / 143 cm Width : 31 cm Depth : 26 cm Foot : 23 x 23 cm Carrara marble , 19th century

Decorative, Large Sculpture "Caryatid" 19th Century In Oak ( 198 Cm ). Special Sculpture With Following Dimensions: Height : 198 Cm Width : 46 Cm Depth : 42 Cm In Good Condition, Small Piece Of Arch Glued And In Front Some Cracks In The Wood

Sculpture "3 Graces" On Alabaster Base Late 19th Century. Very Fine Sculpture With A Small Restoration (Glued) On The Base. Dimensions : Total Height : 60 Cm Diameter Foot : 18 Cm Decorative, Fine Sculpture In Good Condition

Wooden putti on twisted column 19th century. Decorative sculpture standing on a twisted wooden column with Corinthian capital and decorated with grapevines. Total height: 225 cm Height column: 155 cm Height sculpture: 70 cm

Centre/writing table Renaissance style in walnut 19th Century. Fine carved table with parquet inlay top. In very good condition from about 1860-1880 Napoleon III Dimensions : Width : 151 cm Height : 79 cm Depth : 79.5 cm

Terracotta bust "Paysanne Coquette" on a marble base, 19th century. Decorative sculpture signed by Marcel de Foret. Standing on a black marble base Height of the bust : 66 cm Width : 46 cm Marble base: 60 cm high, slide: 25 cm Total height of the bust + b

Decorative console of sculpted wood Louis XVI style late 19th century. Model with iconic columns minor damages and crack in marble top. Dimensions : Width: 125 cm Height: 87 cm Depth: 65,5 cm

Large bronze sculpture "lady with child and angel" signed A.Moreau 19th century ( 73 cm ). The sculpture rests on a bronze pedestal which presents some dents, is signed by Auguste Moreau and bears the stamp of the foundry: Société des bronzes de Paris.

Big bust " Diana " in patinated bronze 19th century. Bust is signed Houdon ( Jean-Antoine Houdon (Versailles, 20 March 1740 - Paris, 15 July 1828). In very good condition with normal wear and tear on the patina. ( green/brown ). Very decorative sculpture

Bronze sculpture " 2 putti with bird " 19th century. Signed by D. Weygers ( 1868 - 1940 ) , Les ateliers A. Van aerschot Bruxelles. Dimensions : Height : 50 cm Width : 49 cm Depth : 42 cm Decorative sculpture in very good condition.

Italian Painting "Madonna With Child, 14 Angels" 19th Century. Oil On Canvas In A Beautiful Gilded Frame, Not Signed. Representation Of A Madonna With Child And 14 Angel Heads. Very Decorative Painting In Good Condition, With Minor Restorations.

Large bronze statue " musician man " 19th century. Depicting a man with a musical instrument and a draped lion skin around him. Signed by Rousseau 19th century. Dimensions : Height : 83 cm Diameter foot : 19 cm In good condition

Beautiful harp chair in the shape of a shell 19th century. Seat is adjustable in height by turning system and resting on 3 legs. Decorative chair in walnut in very good condition. Dimensions : Height : 55.5 cm Width : 44 cm Depth : 48 cm

Large gilt-bronze and patinated bronze clock set 19th Century. Beautiful large mantel clock with group of 4 figures in patinated bronze, signed by Duplan et Salles à Paris. In good condition only 1 arm of a candelabra needs soldering.

A large gilt bronze LXVI style mantelpiece Paris, 19th century. The clock and the candelabras are gilded with matt and bright gold. Clock signed by G.Philippe, Palais Royal 66 & 67 in Paris. Dimensions clock: 68 cm high, 42 cm wide and 24 cm deep. Candles

Gilt bronze pendulum Louis XVI style 19th century Nice model in 2 colours gilded ( matt and shiny ) French pendulum from about 1860-1880 with key and balance in very good condition. Measurements : Height : 42 cm Width : 42 cm Depth : 18 cm

Large gilded / patinated bronze clock 19th century. Depicting 2 putti with goat signed by Denière à Paris 19th century. Nice large quality mantel clock with the following dimensions: Height : 59 cm Width : 52 cm Depth: 23 cm In good condition

Sculpture 'Man with hat and plume' in bronze , 19th Century. Very elegant representation and finely detailed bronze statue with a beautiful patina. The upper part of the sabre is missing. Height: 66 cm époque Napoleon III

Pair of large gilt bronze wall lights L XV style end of 19th century. Very good quality sconces in very good condition ( 1 white glass candlestick is damaged ). Dimensions : Height : 56 cm Width : 33 cm Depth : 17 cm Louis XV style from the end of the 19t

Pair of small, finely detailed bronze sculptures from the end of the 18th early 19th century on a marble base. The bronzes stand alone on the base and are not signed. The male sculpture is missing an instrument.

Pair of large gilt bronze candelabra 19th century. Decorated with "putti / fish", 6 bourgeois. 2 golden colours (matt and shiny). Napoleon III Dimensions : Height : 74 cm Width: 39 cm

Large Antique Mirror Decorated With Copper And Tortoiseshell 19th Century Dimensions : Height : 114 Cm Width : 94 Cm Depth : 9 Cm Decorative Mirror In Good Condition.

Beautiful rosewood travel box with its bone and native wood inlay with scenes of birds in trees. Dimensions: Width: 50.5 cm Height : 30 cm Depth : 36 cm Very decorative chest of good size in very good condition, India 19th century

Desk table + armchair Renaissance style 19th century. Spanish model , finely sculpted , 3 drawers + keys. Desk + chair in good condition. Dimensions desk : Width : 132 cm Height : 76 cm Depth : 74 cm Dimensions Armchair : Height : 116 cm Width : 68 cm

Special display case / secretaire in burr walnut veneer early 19th century. 4-door cabinet with inside a secretaire , decorated with gilded wooden plaques and ornaments with 2 empire columns. The furniture is in two parts and stands on bronze wheels. The

Large decorative mirror wood carved 19th Century. ( 156 CM ) Representation of 2 earth angels with a lyre + bird and decorated with ornaments and a face at the bottom. Mirror needs a refreshment. Measurements : Height: 156 cm Width: 84 cm Depth: 10 cm Dec

Rare 19th century Sèvres porcelain / gilt bronze potpourri urn with gilt bronze eagle mount. The urn is mounted on a tripod type base, richly cast in gilt bronze in the shape of ferocious eagles. Circa 1840-1860

Lion in porcelain at the end of the 19th Century. Stamped with crown and letters RW and numbered 567. Decorative lion in good condition Dimensions : Width : 19 cm Height : 10.5 cm

Large bronze candlestick Empire style 19th century. Candlestick has 6 candle holders , a beautiful representation , in 2 colours bronze and standing on a red marble base with bronze claw feet. Dimensions : Height : 84 cm Width : 34 cm Depth : 34 cm In ve


Napoleon III Clock set SOLD

Large 19th Century Bronze Clock Set. Clock signed Ch.Lesaulnier in Paris, Napoleon 3 period. The watch needs to be revised. Clock : Height : 78 cm Width: 46 cm Depth: 22 cm

Elegant bronze statue " lady with mandolin " 19th century. Signed by Bouret ( Paris 1833-1906 ). Standing on a thick red marble base. Dimensions including pedestal : Height : 58 cm Width : 26 cm In very good condition.

A Pair Of 19th Century Silver Plated Bronze Candlesticks Louis XVI Style. 0.49 M High , 0.26 M Depth And 0.29 M Wide

Renaissance Style Bust In Bronze, French 19th Century. Dimensions : 45 cm high and 25 cm wide.

An Exeptional Big Size Porcelain Dish. French, 19th Century. Diameter : 54.5 m

A Pair Of 19th Century Commodes LXVI Style Walnut With Inlaid Wood And Marble Top. Sizes : 0.98 M High , 1.40 M Wide And Depth : 0.57 M


A pair of 19th Century glass vases.Dimensions : Height : 37 cm, Diameter : 12 cm

Louis XV Style Painting In Oil On Panel ,Signed By Leon Dansaert ( 1830-1909 ) Belgium 19th Century,SIZES : 0.56 M High And 0.46 M Wide

A 19th Century Boulle Cartel Inlaid With Tortoise. Signed By Balthazard À Paris. Sizes : 0.85 M High , 0.43 M Wide And Depth : 0.17 M

An Ormolu-Mounted Porcelain Plate.China,19thC.

Pair Of Sèvres Porcelain Miniature Vases With Bronze Decorations. French, 19th Century. Height: 15 Cm, Width: 7 Cm

A Paire Of 19th Century Fine Carved Walnut "Medici"Vases. Sizes : 0.32 M High And Wide : 0.19 M

A Big Size 19th Century Émaille Cloisonné Cashe-Pot / Planter. Sizes : 0.55 M High And Diameter : 0.42 M

A large and decorative gilt wooden cartel clock. Sweden, 19th century.In good working condition. Sizes : 0.86 m high, 0.60 m wide

Landscape Painting

2 Empire Candlesticks

A 19th Century silver metal Cigar box. Box is very finely detailed, accommodates 24 cigars and is signed by Loudry. Dimensions: 0.18 m wide, 0.14 m in height and depth: 0.14 m

Napoleon III Box