Large Wall Console " Angel " In Carved Wood , 19thC. Sizes : 61 X 48 X 42 Cm

A 19th century Asian bronze bowl. Resting on 3 elephant legs and nicely finished with oriental decorations on the rim of the bowl. Dimensions: Height: 29 cm Diameter : 39 cm In very good condition

Pair of large Empire capitals in gilt wood. Decorative Corinthian capitals with Mythological animals and ornaments. Wood carved around 1800. Several wings and other small pieces of wood are missing. Dimensions : Height : 47 , 48 cm Width

Beautiful Square Marble Table Top Inlaid With Marble , Italian 20th Century. Decoration In Marble, Precious Stones, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli,.. Dimensions : Width : 121.5 Cm Hight : 121.5 Cm

Pair Of Candelabra " Renaissance Lions " In Bronze 19thC. Lions Probably Held A Shield... Very Decorative , Renaissance Style With Following Dimensions : Height : 37 Cm Width : 30 Cm

Beautiful Italian wall fountain in Sienna marble 17th century. The fountain consists of 3 parts, has an old restoration on the water basin and is very decorative. Decorated with medallion in coloured marble.

Large 19th Century Greek/Roman Bronze Vase. Vase / Decorative Ornament Of Very Good Quality And In Very Good Condition. Dimensions : Height : 57 Cm Width: 38 Cm Depth: 24 Cm

A pair of lidded vases in émaille gloisonné/gilt bronze 1900 Very decorative Chinese vases with gilt-bronze elephants on top and elephant heads as handles and feet, circa 1900. Standing on a black lacquered wooden base Dimensions : Height : 46 / 52 cm Wid

Large decorative wooden rocking horse 19th century. Special model in good stable condition with following dimensions Length: 191 cm Width: 53 cm Height: 99 cm (seating height: 69 cm) Antique rocking horse from Sweden, circa 1860-1870.

Exceptional pair of large candlesticks Italian Renaissance. Candlesticks consist of 3 parts and are decorated with baroque ornaments, angel heads and patinated. Dimensions : Height : 172 cm Base : 68 x 67 cm Diameter upper ring : 40 / 41 cm Pair of decora

Large vase " Medici " in bronze 1920 ( 45 cm ) decorative vase in heavy bronze from about 1920 Dimensions : Height : 45 cm Diameter : 40 cm In very good condition , early 20th century

A Pair Of Large Empire Style Bronze Candelabras ( 74 CM ) Combination Of Patinated And Gilt Bronze On A Marble Base, 19th Century Both Are In Very Good Condition And Can Hold 6 Candles. Dimensions : Height : 74 Cm Width At The Top : 28 Cm Base: 20 X 20 Cm

Pair of ornamental vases in oak Louis XVI style 19th century. Decorative vases in very good condition Measurements : Height : 37 and 38cm Width : 22,5 cm Foot : 12 x 12.5 cm

Pair of bronze Castle chenets early 19th Century. Very high quality bronze with beautiful decorations. Chenets are signed Seghers Castelle 783 Iron supports missing Height : 52 cm

Large pot holder and its column in grès 19th Century . Column decorated with 3 large " renaissance fish ". The cache pot is decorated with fish and heads The ensemble is in very good condition , end 19th century.

Pair of large cassolettes in onyx / bronze 19ème. Decorative vases in very good condition Height : 53 cm

Large Inkstand In Green Marble And Gilt Bronze 19th Century. Heavy Decorative Inkwell In Empire Style From About 1860-1880. The Inkwell Is Fully Polished And In Very Good Condition. Measurements : Width : 46 Cm Height: 21 Cm Depth : 27 Cm

A pair of exceptional silver-plated bronze candlesticks with musical putti , Bacchus and fruit and 6 candlesticks , 19th century Dimensions : Height : 80 cm Width : 33 cm Foot : 23,5 x 23,5 cm

Very finely detailed pair of " Medici " vases in bronze Dimensions : Height: 31.5 cm Diameter: 22.5 cm Decorative vases in very good condition.

A pair of vases/cassolettes in bronze 19thCentury. Decorative vases in gilt bronze with fine silvered metal decorations and standing on a black marble base. Height : 37 cm Width : 19 cm Diameter foot : 14.5 cm Both in good condition with traces of use fr

Pair of large vases in blue faience 19th century. Nice fine decoration of flowers and gilded accents standing on a bronze base with 4 elephant heads. Decorative vases in very good condition. Height : 56 cm

Pair Of Bronze "Putti" Lamps Napoleon III Standing On A Beautiful Large White Marble Pedestal Decorated With Gilt Bronze Ornaments. Napoleon 3 Period In Very Good Condition. Height Without Bonnet: 60 Cm Width: 25 Cm Depth: 21 Cm

Decorative wall coat rack" eagles " in wrought iron beginning of the 20th century. The coat rack has 3 large hooks. Height : 72 cm Width : 70 cm Depth : 18 cm Decorative object in very good condition.

A coloured Murano glass vase " Clown face " in perfect condition. Sizes : 36 cm x 26 cm.

French Art Deco cameo glass vase with parrot decor. Not signed, possibly Schneider Height : 24 cm In good condition

Blackened Wooden 4 Leaf Chinese Folding Screen 1900 Decorative paradise with birds and beautiful colours Around 1900-1920 Dimensions : Height : 184 cm Width: 162 cm In very good condition

Pair of 19th century bronze andirons, decorated with large vases, lion heads and garlands. In very good condition and heavy quality. Dimensions : Height : 46 cm Width: 37 cm Depth: 14 cm Decorative objects

Pair Of Decorative Swedish Candlesticks. Vase Model In Gilded Bronze / Marbled Metal 4 Light Points ( Check ) Swedish , Around 1900-1920 Of Very Good Quality.

Pair of large gilt bronze candelabra 19th century. Decorated with "putti / fish", 6 bourgeois. 2 golden colours (matt and shiny). Napoleon III Dimensions : Height : 74 cm Width: 39 cm

Special cabinet set ART DECO in Macassar ebony Consisting of 4 pieces, 2 lidded vases and 2 side vases Very good quality, ART DECO period 1910-1925 In good condition with minor damage. Dimensions of lidded vases : Height: 29,5 cm Diameter: 9 / 10.5 cm sid

Rare 19th century Sèvres porcelain / gilt bronze potpourri urn with gilt bronze eagle mount. The urn is mounted on a tripod type base, richly cast in gilt bronze in the shape of ferocious eagles. Circa 1840-1860

Hexagonal Silver Tobacco Jar Decorated With Louis XVI Motifs With Copper / Lead Inner Lid And Standing On A Wooden Plateau, Anno 1847, Master Joost Even, Amsterdam ( 1794-1888 ) Height: 20 Cm

Large Writing Box In Marquetry Copper Time Napoleon III, 19th. Width: 0.52 Height: 0.20 Depth: 0.27

A pair of large gilded bronze candlesticks/lamp bases Charles X , some fish tails(3) are missing. Dimensions : 54 cm high and 23 cm wide.

Large 20th century Murano glass vase. The vase has beautiful colors and is in very good condition. Big heavy vase. Dimensions: Height: 42 cm Width: 33 cm Depth: 16 cm

A pair of 19th Century glass vases.Dimensions : Height : 37 cm, Diameter : 12 cm

Special necklace with gems in the early 20th Century. Beautifully crafted necklace made of openwork gold plated silver wire set with all kinds of gemstones. Each compartment is stamped. Dimensions see photos. In very good condition.

Pair Of Sèvres Porcelain Miniature Vases With Bronze Decorations. French, 19th Century. Height: 15 Cm, Width: 7 Cm

Pair Of Cover Pots 20thC. Cloisonné Enamel. Height: 0.24 M Diameter: 0.22 M

A Paire Of 19th Century Fine Carved Walnut "Medici"Vases. Sizes : 0.32 M High And Wide : 0.19 M

A Big Size 19th Century Émaille Cloisonné Cashe-Pot / Planter. Sizes : 0.55 M High And Diameter : 0.42 M

Special Dish In Delft Faience, Holland 18thC. Signed Below LPK: De Lampetkan Factory Mark Dated: 1609-1811 Width: 32 Cm Depth: 28.5 Cm Height: 8.5 Cm

Pair of vases Italian design in ceramic 20thC. "Oriental Syria decor" Vases are signed and dated. Height: 42 cm In good condition

A collection of 8 small snuffboxes 19thC. made of wood, porcelain and paper marché

Pair of medallions "angels" finely carved wooden 19thC. Dimensions including frame: 0.32 m wide, 0.28 m high Medallion oval dimensions: 0.20 m wide and 0.15 m high In good condition.

Ceremonial feather (headgear)   Cameroon, 20th century Very decorative to hang on a wall Dimensions: 0.70 m x 0.70 m

Pair of silver-plated bronze candlesticks Louis XVI style, late nineteenth century. Beautiful quality. Dimensions: 0.32 m high, 0.23 m wide and depth: 0.23 m

Large inlaid marble medallion 20thC. Can be used as a floor decoration or as a table top. Diameter: 1.20 m Thickness : 2 cm In good condition.

A 19th Century silver metal Cigar box. Box is very finely detailed, accommodates 24 cigars and is signed by Loudry. Dimensions: 0.18 m wide, 0.14 m in height and depth: 0.14 m

4 Crystal vases with lid end 19thC. Hight : 0.21 / 0.35 m

A collection of 6 fossils standing on an iron base.

Napoleon III Box

A decorative Cello in good condition.


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