Decorative Italian mirror " relics " in gilded wood 18th century. Vase model decorated with scrolls and ornaments with 51 large and small relics/mirrors and coloured glass. ( 1 mirror is cracked ). All 51 relics are removable! Very special mirror

Exceptional set of 4 Castle mirrors in gilded wood 18th century. Elegant Italian mirrors in sculpted and gilded wood from the 18th century. Dimensions : Height : 135 cm Width: 75 cm Depth at the top : 36 cm All 4 in good condition with normal signs of us

Large Antique Mirror Decorated With Copper And Tortoiseshell 19th Century Dimensions : Height : 114 Cm Width : 94 Cm Depth : 9 Cm Decorative Mirror In Good Condition.

Large decorative mirror wood carved 19th Century. ( 156 CM ) Representation of 2 earth angels with a lyre + bird and decorated with ornaments and a face at the bottom. Mirror needs a refreshment. Measurements : Height: 156 cm Width: 84 cm Depth: 10 cm Dec

Pair of gilded wooden mirrors with paintings 19th Century. Very decorative with beautiful gilding and miniature paintings on top. The mirror glass is nicely faceted. Both are in good condition with some minimal damage. Dimensions : Height : 73 cm

Wood carved mirror in Louis XVI style around 1900. Decorative mirror in gilded wood with beautiful garlands. Woodwork and mirror in good condition, gold is a bit worn and dark. Dimensions : Height : 106 cm Width : 82 cm Depth : 9 cm

Large tilting mirror in enamel gloisonné 20th. Consisting of 2 parts and in very good condition, the mirror has wear. Dimensions: Total height: 64 cm Total width: 42 cm Diameter of the mirror: 34 cm Foot diameter: 30 cm