Large bronze sculpture "lady with child and angel" signed A.Moreau 19th century ( 73 cm ). The sculpture rests on a bronze pedestal which presents some dents, is signed by Auguste Moreau and bears the stamp of the foundry: Société des bronzes de Paris.

Decorative Bronze Statue 19thC. Sculpture Double With Egyptian Representation Standing On A Black Marble / Bronze Base. Not Signed Dimensions : Height: 51 Cm Width: 40 Cm Depth: 26 Cm

Big bust " Diana " in patinated bronze 19th century. Bust is signed Houdon ( Jean-Antoine Houdon (Versailles, 20 March 1740 - Paris, 15 July 1828). In very good condition with normal wear and tear on the patina. ( green/brown ). Very decorative sculpture

Bronze sculpture " 2 putti with bird " 19th century. Signed by D. Weygers ( 1868 - 1940 ) , Les ateliers A. Van aerschot Bruxelles. Dimensions : Height : 50 cm Width : 49 cm Depth : 42 cm Decorative sculpture in very good condition.

Large bronze statue " musician man " 19th century. Depicting a man with a musical instrument and a draped lion skin around him. Signed by Rousseau 19th century. Dimensions : Height : 83 cm Diameter foot : 19 cm In good condition

Large bronze sculpture " Lutin des Bois " by L.Madrassi 19thC. Decorative sculpture signed by Luc Madrassi Paris ( 1848-1919 ) Dimensions : Height: 82.5 cm Width: 40.5 cm Depth: 32 cm Diameter foot : 20.5 cm In good condition

Sculpture 'Man with hat and plume' in bronze , 19th Century. Very elegant representation and finely detailed bronze statue with a beautiful patina. The upper part of the sabre is missing. Height: 66 cm époque Napoleon III

Pair of small, finely detailed bronze sculptures from the end of the 18th early 19th century on a marble base. The bronzes stand alone on the base and are not signed. The male sculpture is missing an instrument.

Elegant bronze statue " lady with mandolin " 19th century. Signed by Bouret ( Paris 1833-1906 ). Standing on a thick red marble base. Dimensions including pedestal : Height : 58 cm Width : 26 cm In very good condition.

Large bronze statue "noble of the 18th century". Signed by H Binz at the beginning of the 20th century. Beautiful patina with the following dimensions: Height: 0.61 m base: 0.18 x 0.18 m

Renaissance Style Bust In Bronze, French 19th Century. Dimensions : 45 cm high and 25 cm wide.

A small 19thC.bronze sculpture

Large Japanese bronze "musician" 19thC. Sculpture is signed and very finely detailed. Height: 61 cm Width: 40 cm

Small gilt bronze rooster on marble base. Dimensions with base: Height: 22 cm Width: 18 cm Depth: 10 cm. About 1900

A small Japanese bronze sculpture.End 19thC. Size : 0.31 m high