Pair Of Large Wooden Sculptures Polychrome Very Decorative. Flemish, 17th Century. Height: 1.21 M And 1.10 M Width: 0.68 M And 0.60 M

A German porcelain chandelier with 9 lights. In good condition. Sizes : 0.85 m high and 0.70 m wide

Important 18thC.Pendulum Portico Louis XVI Marble White, Bronze Doré And Engraved With Two Oval Medallions And Two Round Medallions In Wedgwood.

A 19thC.Painted Room -Devider. Sizes : 1.80 m high and wide : 2.40 m

A Large 18thCentury Castle Showcase/Cabinet In Fine Carved Oak. Dimensions : 2.65 M High , 0.60 M Depth And Wide : 1.82 M

3-piece Salon Louis XVI style gilded wood. sofa: 1.25 m wide, 0.90 m in height and depth: 0.63 m Chairs: 0.62 m wide, 0.90 m in height and depth: 0.50 m

Pendant Neocubist by J.Van Dijck. Dimensions : 1.48 m high and 1.23 m wide

Chinoiserie Style Folding Table In Inlaid Lacquered Wood , French 19th Century.Dimensions : 0.91 m wide , 0.74 m high and depth : 0.71 m

Renaissance Style Cabinet In Fine Carved Walnut, French 19th Century. Sizes : 1.95 m high, 1.05 m wide and depth : 0.55 m

A large chest of drawers Louis XV style with bronze decorations ,veneer and on top a red/white marble. Around 1920's. Width: 1.39 Height: 0.86 Depth: 0.60 m

Kunstweek Middelburg

A fine carved 19th Century walnut cabinet on stand. Sizes : 1.90 m high , 1.69 m wide and depth : 0.58 m

Large Writing Box In Marquetry Copper Time Napoleon III, 19th. Width: 0.52 Height: 0.20 Depth: 0.27

An 18th Century Chinoiserie long-case clock with an 8-bells striking carillon. Signed by Math.Hüber Friedberg. Sizes : 2.95 x 0.55

A large Murano chandelier with 12 branches. Venise , 20th Century. 1.30 m high and 1.00 m wide

A pair of 19th Century commodes LXVI style walnut with inlaid wood and marble top. Sizes : 0.98 m high , 1.40 m wide and depth : 0.57 m

Oriëntal style Bed in red lacquer and gold decorations, China 19th Century, in used conditionSIZES : 2.22 m high , 2.16 m wide and depth : 2.42 m

Painting "Vase of flowers" oil on canvas, signed A.Pinot late 19thC. early 20thC. Dimensions include Gilded frame: 0.93 x 1.11 m

Sofa In Mahogany Style Empire With Silk Fabric. In Good Condition, 1860-1880. +- 146 Cm Wide

Empire Pendulum Gilded Bronze "Astronomy" Era 1820-1830 In Good Condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.48 Depth: 13.5

A carved and gilded wooden Empire console. Dimensions : 1.30 m wide , 0.80 m high and depth : 0.38 m. Marble is missing.

A Pair Of Napoleon III Style Cassolettes In Green Marble / Bronze, French 19th Century

A pair of 19th Century gilded Louis XVI style armchairs with silk. Sizes : 0.98 m high , 0.62 m wide and deth : 0.60 m

Column in Onyx and Gilded bronze ,time Napoleon III. Size: 1.12 m height, tablet 0.27 X 0.27

"Dancing Child" Sculpture In Lead, French End 19th Century. Sizes : 0.90 m high and 0.43 m wide

A Pair Of Gilded Bronze Center Tables With A Beautiful 33mm Thick Malachite Top And A Frieze Of Plaquettes In Agaath. 20th Century

A Napoleon III Curved Showcase Cabinet Decorated With Gilded Bronze Ornaments And White Marble Top. Sizes : 1.42 m wide, 1.11 m high and depth : 0.48 m

Louis XV style Painting in oil on panel,signed by Leon Dansaert ( 1830-1909 ) Belgium 19th Century,SIZES : 0.56 m high and 0.46 m wide

Pendulum in gilded and chiseled bronze under a glass Bell, time Napoleon III Width: 0.57 Height: 0.56 Depth: 0.19

Pair of candlesticks "Return from Egypt" Made of bronze, 19th Century. Height: 0.28 m, diameter of base: 0.14 m

Pair of small paintings "Army" oil on canvas, very finely painted. About 1800. Height: 0.23 m, width: 0.18 m

A pair of large 19th Century temple vases pagoda-shape in Chinese cloisonne and jade. Sizes : 1.88 x 0.60 m

A set of 4 Italian paintings of the 18th century. Oil on canvas mounted on Panel in a golden frame. Frameless dimensions: 84 height and width 69. Include frame dimensions: 95 x 80 cm

Empire Pineapple display stand 3 Sphinx in plate silver 19thC. Walker & Hall Sheffield. : Height 0.28 m, width: 0.26 m and depth: 0.24 m

Large Marine oil on canvas signed Romain Steppe 19thC. Romain Steppe (Antwerp, 1859-1927) Height: 1.01 / 1.38 m Width: 1.30 / 1.68 m

Showcase 4 doors 18thC. Louis XVI style cherry wood Size: 2.07 m in height, 1.65 m wide and deep: 0.60 m. showcase consists of 1 piece, cornice can be removed.

Bronze Sculpture Three Graces 19th Century. Standing On A Black Marble Base , Vauvray Frères , Signed G.Pillon Height : 0.31 M And Wide : 0.17m.

A pair of 19th Century bronze / crystal chandeliers. Dimensions : 1.20 m high and 0.70 m wide

19th Century painting " Bay of Napoli " oil on canvas in a big gilded frame.Signed by H.Morton. Sizes incl. frame : 1.46 x 1.08 m

Speciale Portuguese cabinet ,18th century.Walnut / ebony. Furniture consists of 2 parts with 10 drawers. Width: 1.16 Height: 1.57 Depth: 0.54

A fine painted Empire painting oil on panel, French 1800's, in good condition.Width:17.5 cm ( 6.89 inch) Height:23.5 cm ( 9.25 inch)

Gilt bronze 19th century romantic clock set period Napoleon III Pendulum width: 0.56 m, height: 0.44 Height of candelabra: 0.51 M

A 19th Century bronze sculpture " Victoire Ailée " on a marble base.Total high: 0.77 m

A 19th Century fine carved, gilt wooden console.Dimensions : 1.00 m high,0.94 m wide and depth : 0.40 m ( wooden top, no marble )

A 19th Century fine carved Chinese bench. Sizes : 1.45 m wide and 0.85 m high

Turtle box 19th with decorations of bronze. 1830 - 1850 Missing key. Width: 0.24 Height: 0.15 Depth: 0.18

An 18th Century collectors cabinet in rosewood. Sizes : 1.79 m high , 1.31 m wide and depth : 0.46 m

Pair of Samson porcelain Vases covered. Paris, 19th Century. In very good condition. Size: 0.55 m in height and 0.24 m wide.

A 19th Century Boulle cartel inlaid with tortoise. Signed by Balthazard à Paris. Sizes : 0.85 m high , 0.43 m wide and depth : 0.17 m

A Large Louis XVI Style Desk With Bronze Decorations And Dark Leather Top , 20thC. Dimensions : 1.83 M Wide , 0.80 M High And Depth : 0.88 M

A 6-pieces Empire coffe set in porcelain. Diameter dish : 0.34 m

A pair of 20th Century Chinese porcelain vases. Sizes : 0.87 m high and 0.55 m wide

A painting oil on canvas circle of Franciscus Snyers Antwerp, 17th Century. Sizes incl.frame : 0.88 m wide and high : 1.09 m

A large terra-cotta sculpture " woman on the back of a billy-goat " Signed by Gossin frères , Paris 19th Century. Sizes : 1.28 m high, 0.88 m wide and depth : 0.44 m

A Charles X clock set in gilded and patinated bronze. Sizes clock : 0.48 m high , 0.34 m wide and depth : 0.16 m. Candlesticks : 0.48 X 0.16 m

A silver perfume bottle " goose " Silver marks , Austria 1901-1921. Sizes : 95 mm high and 97 mm wide , depth : 41 mm

A bronze / crystal Napoleon III chandelier. Dimensions : 0.95 m high and 0.80 m wide. 1 glass is broken !

Putti in white marble with bronze basket with flowers of porcelain. old restoration at the foot. Height marble: 0.52 m. Height with bronze basket + flowers: 0.70 M

Pair of 19thC.vases in patinated bronze. The handles in bronze skated in fine Lions.Fine bronze decorations. French, about 1850. In good condition, only 2 distortions in the foot. Height: 0.32 M

A large painted Empire mirror 19th Century.Dimensions : 2.33 m high and 1.54 m wide.

Large pendulum Napoleon III bronze / black marble. Width: 0.70 m, height: 0.50 m and depth: 0.28 m

A set of 4 Sculptures "Mythological animals" in mahogany 19thC. Minor damage to the loops in the tails. Size: 0.47 m high, 0.45 m of width and depth: 0.17 m

Large mirror Psyche of beech wood, 19thC. Empire. Size: 1.79 m in height, 0.84 m width and depth: 0.45 m

Bergère finely carved and gilded wood , Napoleon III 19thC. Width: 0.76 Height: 1.11 Depth: 0.64

"Knight of Bayard" 19th silver plated bronze. Signed by A.Caravanniez (1855-1915) Paris. F.Barbedienne founder. Material: Bronze, silver Width: 0.15 Height: 0.46

3 cups set openwork porcelain 19thC. Paris. Snacks in 1 small cup (see photo 10).

Large pair of candelabra in bronze/bronze patinated 7 lights, vintage restoration. Height: 0.71 M

A 19thC.painted LXVI style chaise longue . Length: 1.40 m Height: 0.87 Depth: 0.62

Painting "shrimp fisherman with horse on the beach" oil on canvas about 1900. Dimensions: height: 40/57, wide: 60/77. In good condition

Italien showcase 19th century made of gilded / painted wood. Consists of two parts, missing a side window , Dimensions height +-2.20 m and 0.85 m wide

Large 19th Century console with a white marble top + mirror. Console dimensions: 1.00 m high, 1.83 m of width and depth: 0.63 m mirror Dimensions: 2.07 m in height and width: 1.42 m

Pair Of Large Frames In Stucco / Gilded Wood 19thC. Dimensions: 1.17 X 1.07 m

Pair of large format Louis XVI style wall lamps in carved wood. Late 19thC, early 20thC. Small defect (see picture 12) Dimensions: 0.90 m high and 0.32 m wide

Large watercolor "basket of flowers" in a golden frame with glass. Signed, 20thC. Dimensions include frame: 0.83 x 0.83 M

cabinet of Napoleon III period inlaid with floral motifs with two doors and on top of white marble. Dimensions: 1.08 m high, 1.01 m wide and depth: 0.41 m

Ornament / gargoyle made of sandstone of a Gothic-style building in the 18th century. Dimension: 0.60 m height, 0.22 m width and 0.16 m depth.


el Deseo (begeerte)

Jardin des Plantes

Salida (vertrek)

Pendant: Remembermy first 80's sculpture

Remembermy first 80's sculpture

La Sotonera

Contigo (met u)

A big size porcelain group " coffee table with 8 persons ". Germany,Thuringen, 19th Century. Diameter : 0.36 m in very good condition.

Large pendulum Style Empire in Bronze and marble 19thC. Material: Marble and bronze Width: 0.63 Height: 0.53 Depth: 0.14

A large mirror in carved and gilded wood, Italian, 18th Century. Width: 1.05 Height: 1.85

Italian Renaissance table in walnut , from the 17th century. Some old restorations. Height: 74.5 m, width: 69.5 and depth: 0.53 m

Pair of Sèvres porcelain miniature vases with bronze decorations. French, 19th century. Height: 15 cm, width: 7 cm

Original Murano Glass, Tribute to Pablo Picasso, Glassmaster : Alessandro Barbaro.

A large and decorative gilt wooden cartel clock. Sweden, 19th century.In good working condition. Sizes : 0.86 m high, 0.60 m wide

A paire of 19th Century fine carved walnut "Medici"vases.

A pair of large panels embroidered with silk threads, gold and silver. The head, hands and feet in paint on parchment paper. time Louis XIV, 17thC. Dimensions: 0.80 m wide and 2.90 m high

A big size 19th Century émaille cloisonné cashe-pot / planter.

A decorative carved walnut mirror, around 1900's

A solid silver coffeepot. Ghent 1830