Beautiful pendulum gilt bronze and chiseled. Wire movement cleaned and revised, in perfect working order. Empire period. Signed by Gaston Jolly in Paris Dimensions: Height: 0.37 m Width: 0.29,5 m Depth: 0.14 m

A Big Size 19th Century Émaille Cloisonné Cashe-Pot / Planter. Sizes : 0.55 M High And Diameter : 0.42 M

Chinese table in rosewood inlaid with ivory late 19thC., begin 20thC. Dimensions: 65 cm high, leaf: 63.5 x 63.5 cm. In good but used condition. Missing some pieces of woodwork (bottom).

Large console in patinated wood style LXVI 19thC. With a beautiful thick red marble. A small piece of wood is missing in the front. Dimensions: Width: 1.33 m Height: 0.88 m Depth: 0.56 m

A 19th Century Bronze Sculpture " Victoire Ailée " On A Marble Base.Total High: 0.77 M

Pair of large ewers in bronze, gilded bronze and marble, Napoleon III In very good shape. Dimensions: 0.69 m height and depth at the top: 0.24 m

A large 19thC.console in wood and stucco style Louis XVI. Napoleon III with his original white marble.

Oil painting on panel "clock seller" Luc Gerard (Belgian school) Painter of folk characters and ancient trades. Dimensions: Panel: 0.26 m high, 0.20 m wide. Incl. FRAME: 0.41 m high and 0.34 m wide.

Special Dish In Delft Faience, Holland 18thC. Signed below LPK: De Lampetkan factory mark dated: 1609-1811 Width: 32 cm Depth: 28.5 cm Height: 8.5 cm

Antique Italian chest 17th century in walnut "Cassone" Central panel represents a double eagle, the 2 side pieces depict a legend. Bottom finished with godgreens, at the top with garlands. Northern Italy "Florence" Renaissance.

Empire Pendulum Gilded Bronze "Astronomy" Era 1820-1830 In Good Condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.48 Depth: 13.5

A couple of small Renaissance furniture in oak and ebony. Holland, 17th century. In good condition Dimensions: Height: 1.65 m Wide: 0.81 m Depth: 0.48 m

Pair Of Cups / Casolettes Gilt Bronze Mercury, representing Medici basins on patinated bronze base. 2 nd Empire 1860-1880 Diameter: 0.24 cm Height: 0.31 cm Foot dimensions: 13.5 X 13.5 cm

A Pair Of Bronze Candlesticks Style L XV 19th Century. Sizes : 0.66 m high and 0.29 m wide

Large Defense Ajourée Very Fine Ivory Early 20thC. Presentation of pagodas, characters and landscapes Placed on its carved wooden base. Chinese around 1900-1920. Defense length: 90 cm Transportation to be arranged by the customer.

Bust of a Chinese in terra cotta 20 th Century Probably served as advertising, very decorative and detailed! Image has broken into right arm and plinth has been restored. Dimensions : Height: 0.51 m Wide: 0.34 m Depth: 0.35 m

Special dressing table in speckled maple wood ART DECO. Dimensions : Height: 75.5 cm Wide: 136 cm Depth: 56.5 cm In good condition. High quality furniture

Gilt bronze garniture 19thC., Louis XIV style, decorated with women's heads.Dorure of good quality. Dimensions: * Pendulum 30x17.5 cm, height 53cm * candelabra: diameter 23cm, height 56cm

A Fine Carved 19th Century Walnut Cabinet On Stand. Sizes : 1.90 M High , 1.69 M Wide And Depth : 0.58 M

Pair of Cassolettes in marble and Bronze 19thC. Crack in the foot to 1 cassollet (Photo 8) Dimensions: 0.45 m high, 0.20 m diameter.

3-Piece Salon Louis XVI Style 19thC.In Gilded Wood. Sofa: 1.25 M Wide, 0.90 M In Height And Depth: 0.63 M Chairs: 0.62 M Wide, 0.90 M In Height And Depth: 0.50 M

Napoleon III turtle box with bronze decorations.1830-1850 Missing key. Width: 0.24 Height: 0.15 Depth: 0.18

Pendulum gilt bronze and chiselled period Empire 1820-1830 in good condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.51 Depth: 0.14

Decorative oil painting on panel.Flamand, 17th century. Dimensions included frame: Height 0.75 m, Width: 0.60 m Panel: 56.5 x 41 cm

A carved oak Showcase cabinet. End 19thC.

Oil painting on canvas "summer flower market" signed by J. Van Campenhout 20th century. Dimensions with frame: 0.84 wide and 074 m high. Canvas: 0.60 x 0.50 m

Silver decorative dish from southern Europe. Porto, early 20th century. Stamped Diameter: 0.36 m In very good condition

Bust "Cupid" in bronze signed by A.Léonard Paris, 19th. Mounted on a marble base. Dimensions: 0.53 m high and 0.35 m wide.

Pair Of Cover Pots 20thC. Cloisonné Enamel. Height: 0.24 M Diameter: 0.22 M

Small Italian Chest In Walnut Late 17thC. (1700) Marquetry decorations on the front panel. Holes made in the back and the bottom for the stereo ... Dimensions: 0.98 m wide, 0.63 m high and deep: 0.45 m

A Paire Of 19th Century Fine Carved Walnut "Medici"Vases. Sizes : 0.32 m high and wide : 0.19 m

156 pieces silver plated flatware set, Kochberg / Koch & Bergfeld Gabel (Altfaden series). Damaged cutlery box at the top. Bremen, Germany 20th century.

Gilt Bronze 19th Century Romantic Clock Set Period Napoleon III Pendulum Width: 0.56 M, Height: 0.44 Height Of Candelabra: 0.51 M

A pair of 19th Century Silver plated bronze Candlesticks Louis XVI style. 0.49 m high , 0.26 m depth and 0.29 m wide

A Pair Of 19th Century Commodes LXVI Style Walnut With Inlaid Wood And Marble Top. Sizes : 0.98 M High , 1.40 M Wide And Depth : 0.57 M

Large Vase in faience, Delft ,Holland 19 th Century, in very good condition. Sizes : 0.81 m high and 0.41 m wide

A Large Chest Of Drawers Louis XV Style With Bronze Decorations ,Veneer And On Top A Red/White Marble. Around 1920'S. Width: 1.39 Height: 0.86 Depth: 0.60 M

A 19th Century Bronze And Crystal Chandelier With 11 Light Points And 4 Candles. Dimensions : 0.92 M High And 0.62 M Wide

Sofa In Mahogany Style Empire With Silk Fabric. In Good Condition, 1860-1880. 178 Cm Wide, 100 Cm High And Depth : 0.70 Cm

Putti In White Marble With Bronze Basket With Flowers Of Porcelain. Old Restoration At The Foot. Height Marble: 0.52 M. Height With Bronze Basket + Flowers: 0.70 M

Large 19th Century Console With A White Marble Top + Mirror. Console Dimensions: 1.00 M High, 1.83 M Of Width And Depth: 0.63 M Mirror Dimensions: 2.07 M In Height And Width: 1.42 M

Pair Of Gilt Bronze Andirons 20thC

Very Large Wall Console In Gilt Wood And Polychrome 18thC. Dimensions: Height: 0.58 m, Width: 0.71 m and depth: 0.30 m

Gilt wooden center table style Louis XV with a beautiful marble top. Around 1900-1920 in very good condition. Dimensions: 0.82 m wide, 0.70 m high and depth: 0.84 m

A large Cartel 19thC. Turtle with gilt bronze ornaments. Dimensions Height: 0.77 m Width: 0.42 m Depth: 0.19,5 m

A Large Murano Chandelier With 12 Branches. Venise , 20th Century. 1.30 M High And 1.00 M Wide

Still life "flowers in a vase" oil on canvas 20th Century. Signed by Aristide Goffinon (1881-1952). Dimensions with frame: 1,08 mx 1,32 m The set is in good condition.

Pendulum In Gilded And Chiseled Bronze Under A Glass Bell, Time Napoleon III Width: 0.57 Height: 0.56 Depth: 0.19

A pair of 19thC. Colored marble/ bronze cassolettes.

A 19th Century Boulle Cartel Inlaid With Tortoise. Signed By Balthazard À Paris. Sizes : 0.85 M High , 0.43 M Wide And Depth : 0.17 M

A set of 4 big size gilt wooden candelabres end 18th begin 19thC. Sizes : 1.12 m high and 0.24 m wide

Renaissance Style Cabinet In Fine Carved Walnut, French 19th Century. Sizes : 1.95 M High, 1.05 M Wide And Depth : 0.55 M

A Pair Of Napoleon III Cassolettes In Green Marble / Bronze, French 19th Century. 0.45 M HIGH AND 0.18 M WIDE

A 2-panels embroidery Chinese room-deflector of the 19th century with wire of gold and silver. Size: 2,08 m high and 1.82 m wide

"Knight Of Bayard" 19thC. Silver Plated Bronze. Signed By A.Caravanniez (1855-1915) Paris. F.Barbedienne Founder. Material: Bronze, Silver Width: 0.15 Height: 0.46

A Large Terra-Cotta Sculpture " Woman On The Back Of A Billy-Goat " Signed By Gossin Frères , Paris 19th Century. Sizes : 1.28 M High, 0.88 M Wide And Depth : 0.44 M

Bronze Sculpture Three Graces 19th Century. Standing On A Black Marble Base , Vauvray Frères , Signed G.Pillon Height : 0.31 M And Wide : 0.17m.

A Large Louis XVI Style Desk With Bronze Decorations And Dark Leather Top , 20thC. Dimensions : 1.83 M Wide , 0.80 M High And Depth : 0.88 M

19th Century Painting " Bay Of Napoli " Oil On Canvas In A Big Gilded Frame.Signed By H.Morton. Sizes Incl. Frame : 1.46 X 1.08 M

Rare Console mahogany signed by H.pander Hollandia 1890-1900. Decorated with 2 mythological Lions in gilded wood.Width: 1.10 Height: 1.00 Depth: 0.50

Large Mirror Psyche Of Beech Wood, 19thC. Empire. Size: 1.79 M In Height, 0.84 M Width And Depth: 0.45 M

A bread basket of solid silver. Dutch , 19th century Weight : 1 Kg 700 Width :0.48 Depth :0.28

Large Writing Box In Marquetry Copper Time Napoleon III, 19th. Width: 0.52 Height: 0.20 Depth: 0.27

An Exeptional Big Size Porcelain Dish. French, 19th Century. Diameter : 54.5 m

A large Boulle Cartel clock sigend by Martinol à Paris. Dimensions : 0.94 m high

Decorative 19th century object in fine carved oak. "For Director of gunpowder factory" watercolor in Medallion. Size: 0.71 m high, 0.36 m wide and depth: 0.17 m

A 19th Century Bronze Persian Astrological Globe. Sizes : 0.87 m high and diameter : 0.82 m

Louis XV Style Painting In Oil On Panel,Signed By Leon Dansaert ( 1830-1909 ) Belgium 19th Century,SIZES : 0.56 M High And 0.46 M Wide

A Large 18thCentury Castle Showcase/Cabinet In Fine Carved Oak. Dimensions : 2.65 M High , 0.60 M Depth And Wide : 1.82 M

Empire Style Candlesticks In Gilded And Patinated Bronze, French 19th Century. Dimensions : 0.57 m high

A Large Painted Empire Mirror 19th Century.Dimensions : 2.34 M High And 1.54 M Wide.

A Napoleon III Curved Showcase Cabinet Decorated With Gilded Bronze Ornaments And White Marble Top. Sizes : 1.42 M Wide, 1.11 M High And Depth : 0.48 M

A Pair Of Large Panels Embroidered With Silk Threads, Gold And Silver. The Head, Hands And Feet In Paint On Parchment Paper. Time Louis XIV, 17thC. Dimensions: 0.80 M Wide And 2.90 M High

Special lamp "youth with vase" in terra cotta 20 thC. Signed by SCARPA Need small restoration inside edge vase and lamp is missing. Size: 0.38 m high, 0.34 m wide and depth: 0.30 m

Ornament / Gargoyle Made Of Sandstone Of A Gothic-Style Building In The 18th Century. Dimension: 0.60 M Height, 0.22 M Width And 0.16 M Depth.

Empire Pineapple Display Stand 3 Sphinx In Plate Silver 19thC. Walker & Hall Sheffield. : Height 0.28 M, Width: 0.26 M And Depth: 0.24 M

A 19th Century silver metal Cigar box. Box is very finely detailed, accommodates 24 cigars and is signed by Loudry. Dimensions: 0.18 m wide, 0.14 m in height and depth: 0.14 m

Pair Of 19thC.Vases In Patinated Bronze. The Handles In Bronze Skated In Fine Lions.Fine Bronze Decorations. French, About 1850. In Good Condition, Only 2 Distortions In The Foot. Height: 0.32 M

Pair Of Small Paintings "Army" Oil On Canvas, Very Finely Painted. About 1800. Height: 0.23 M, Width: 0.18 M

A Pair Of Large 19th Century Temple Vases Pagoda-Shape In Chinese Cloisonne And Jade. Sizes : 1.88 X 0.60 M

A 19thC. gilded wooden/stuc medaillon mirror. 1 mirror cracked (left middle) Sizes : 1.32 m high and 0.96 m wide.

A Charles X Clock Set In Gilded And Patinated Bronze. Sizes Clock : 0.48 M High , 0.34 M Wide And Depth : 0.16 M. Candlesticks : 0.48 X 0.16 M

19th century curved glass cabinet with marquetry inlays. In good condition. Dimensions: -Height: 165 cm -Width: 90 cm -Depth: 45 cm

A 19thC.gueridon table mahogany with inlaid marble top. Sizes : 0.82 m high and diameter top : 1.10 m

Painting "Shrimp Fisherman With Horse On The Beach" Oil On Canvas About 1900. Dimensions: Height: 40/57, Wide: 60/77. In Good Condition

Colored porcelain group "coffee table" German, early 20th century. Sizes : 0.26 m wide and 0.21 m high

A pair of porcelain vases style Empire. Sizes : 0.32 m high and 0.14 m wide

4 Crystal vases with lid end 19thC. Hight : 0.21 / 0.35 m

A Sculpture in terracotta "One unfortunate Accident" late 19th early 20th. Sculpture is signed? see photos. Height: 0.68 m and width: 0.26 m

A Large Mirror In Carved And Gilded Wood, Italian, 18th Century. Width: 1.05 Height: 1.85

An 18th Century Collectors Cabinet In Rosewood. Sizes : 1.79 M High , 1.31 M Wide And Depth : 0.46 M

Bergère Finely Carved And Gilded Wood , Napoleon III 19thC. Width: 0.76 Height: 1.11 Depth: 0.64

Napoleon III style Bronze chandelier with 8 light points, French 1900-1920,+- 1.15 m high in good condition

Small Renaissance style Chest of drawers in marquetry / walnut /oak, " Master piece " with 4 drawers.Dutch 18 th Century, in good condition. Sizes : 0.60 m wide , 0.41 m high and depth : 0.26 m

Chinoiserie Style Cabinet In Wood / Black Lacquer/Gold Lacquer, French end 19th Century. Dimensions : 1.70 m high, 1.14 m wide and depth : 0.46 m

A German porcelain chandelier with 9 lights. In good condition. Sizes : 0.85 m high and 0.70 m wide