Painting "still life" oil on copper 19th Century. Very finely painted and put in a pretty golden frame. Dimensions with frame: width: 0.44 m with height: 0.38 m Dimensions of the copper plate: 30.5 cm x 24.5 m

Decorative oil painting on panel.Flamand, 17th Century. Dimensions included frame: Height 0.75 m, Width: 0.60 m Panel: 56.5 x 41 cm

Oil painting on panel "clock seller" Luc Gerard (Belgian school) Painter of folk characters and ancient trades. Dimensions: Panel: 0.26 m high, 0.20 m wide.

Louis XV Style Painting In Oil On Panel ,Signed By Leon Dansaert ( 1830-1909 ) Belgium 19th Century,SIZES : 0.56 M High And 0.46 M Wide

Still Life "Flowers In A Vase" Oil On Canvas 20th Century. Signed By Aristide Goffinon (1881-1952). Dimensions With Frame: 1,08 Mx 1,32 M

19th Century Painting " Bay Of Napoli " Oil On Canvas In A Big Gilded Frame.Signed By H.Morton.very small hole in the canvas. Sizes Incl. Frame : 1.46 X 1.08 M

Colorful painting "young woman" including frame: 0.92 m wide and 1.11 m high painting: 0.74 m wide and 0.92 m high Signed by Keiffer around 1930-1940

Oil painting on canvas "summer flower market" signed by J. Van Campenhout 20th century. Dimensions with frame: 0.84 wide and 074 m high. Canvas: 0.60 x 0.50

Pair Of Small Paintings "Army" Oil On Canvas, Very Finely Painted. About 1800. Height: 0.23 M, Width: 0.18 M

Painting "Shrimp Fisherman With Horse On The Beach" Oil On Canvas About 1900. Dimensions: Height: 40/57, Wide: 60/77. In Good Condition

A fine painted Empire painting oil on panel, French 1800's, in good condition.Width:17.5 cm ( 6.89 inch) Height:23.5 cm ( 9.25 inch)

A painting oil on canvas circle of Franciscus Snyers Antwerp, 17th Century. Sizes incl.frame : 0.88 m wide and high : 1.09 m

Landscape Painting

Renaissance Oil painting

A signed painting oil on canvas.

A Spanish lady.Oil on canvas.Signed