A bread basket of solid silver. Dutch , 19th century Weight : 1 Kg 700 Width :0.48 Depth :0.28

Large Writing Box In Marquetry Copper Time Napoleon III, 19th. Width: 0.52 Height: 0.20 Depth: 0.27

A Paire Of 19th Century Fine Carved Walnut "Medici"Vases. Sizes : 0.32 m high and wide : 0.19 m

Decorative 19th century object in fine carved oak. "For Director of gunpowder factory" watercolor in Medallion. Size: 0.71 m high, 0.36 m wide and depth: 0.17 m

A 19th Century Bronze Persian Astrological Globe. Sizes : 0.87 m high and diameter : 0.82 m

Empire Style Candlesticks In Gilded And Patinated Bronze, French 19th Century. Dimensions : 0.57 m high

A set of 4 big size gilt wooden candelabres end 18th begin 19thC. Sizes : 1.12 m high and 0.24 m wide

A Pair Of Large Panels Embroidered With Silk Threads, Gold And Silver. The Head, Hands And Feet In Paint On Parchment Paper. Time Louis XIV, 17thC. Dimensions: 0.80 M Wide And 2.90 M High

Empire Pineapple Display Stand 3 Sphinx In Plate Silver 19thC. Walker & Hall Sheffield. : Height 0.28 M, Width: 0.26 M And Depth: 0.24 M

Oriëntal Style Bed In Red Lacquer And Gold Decorations, China 19th Century, In Used Condition. SIZES : 2.22 M High , 2.16 M Wide And Depth : 2.42 M

A 19th Century silver metal Cigar box. Box is very finely detailed, accommodates 24 cigars and is signed by Loudry. Dimensions: 0.18 m wide, 0.14 m in height and depth: 0.14 m

A Pair Of Napoleon III Cassolettes In Green Marble / Bronze, French 19th Century

Pair Of 19thC.Vases In Patinated Bronze. The Handles In Bronze Skated In Fine Lions.Fine Bronze Decorations. French, About 1850. In Good Condition, Only 2 Distortions In The Foot. Height: 0.32 M

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A Pair Of Large 19th Century Temple Vases Pagoda-Shape In Chinese Cloisonne And Jade. Sizes : 1.88 X 0.60 M

4 Crystal vases with lid end 19thC. Hight : 0.21 / 0.35 m

A Big Size 19th Century Émaille Cloisonné Cashe-Pot / Planter. Sizes : 0.55 m high and diameter : 0.42 m

A large and imposing pair of German silver plated on copper wine coolers." Medici vases " Mark of WMF , circa 1890 in used but good condition. Diameter : 0.34 m and 0.50 m high

A 19thC.Painted Room -Devider. Sizes : 1.80 m high and wide : 2.40 m

Pair of candlesticks "Return from Egypt" Made of bronze, 19th Century. Height: 0.28 m, diameter of base: 0.14 m

Turtle box 19th with decorations of bronze. 1830 - 1850 Missing key. Width: 0.24 Height: 0.15 Depth: 0.18

A silver perfume bottle " goose " Silver marks , Austria 1901-1921. Sizes : 95 mm high and 97 mm wide , depth : 41 mm

Pair Of Large Frames In Stucco / Gilded Wood 19thC. Dimensions: 1.17 X 1.07 m

Pair of Sèvres porcelain miniature vases with bronze decorations. French, 19th century. Height: 15 cm, width: 7 cm

Original Murano Glass, Tribute to Pablo Picasso, Glassmaster : Alessandro Barbaro.

A collection of 6 fossils standing on an iron base.

Napoleon III Column

Renaissance Bas relief

Large Vase

Charles X Standing coat rack

Napoleon III Box

Napoleon III Planter / jardinière

2 Empire Coupes

Charles X Inkwell

Black marble column

A decorative gilded bronze saucer.Chinoiserie , 19thC.Diameter : 0.38 m

A decorative Cello in good condition.

Antique watercolour


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